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SofTap Pigment Color Chart

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Welcome to the revolutionary SofTap® pigment line. Our customers love our pigments for the following reasons:

1. Stunning and gorgeous results.

2. Completely natural looking colors.

3. No mixing required.

4. Creamy consistency.

5. Fast skin penetration.

6. Significant reduction in appointment time.

7. Less skin trauma due to rapid color uptake.

8. No mess.

9. Less touch-ups.

10. Can be used with any machine or hand tool.

11. Easy to choose the right color.

12. Hypo-allergenic.

13. Colors have an excellent history with thousands of satisfied customers.

14. What you see is what you get after healing.


The SofTap® colors are so true that all you have to do is smear a small amount of color onto the skin. Then, take a dry swab and smear the dot of color as if you were to try wiping it off. Do one color on one side of the face for brows, eyes, or lips and a different color on the other side of the face. You will be able to instantly see which one is best.


Brow colors are divided into 3 palettes: cool (silver tubes), neutral (gold tubes), & warm (copper tubes). Why? So that the needs of all skin types can be met. Some skin types require a very cool palette while others need a warm one. If a color with more red is desired, then choose a color from the warm palette. If a color with less red is desired, then choose a color from the neutral palette. If a color with little or no red is desired, then choose a color from the cool palette. The palettes are further divided into light , medium, and dark which allows you to narrow your choices down even further.

For brows where a complete section is missing such as the tail, choose a color that matches with the existing hair in the brow area.

For sparse brows, match the color to the existing hairs and fill in only the sparse areas.

For bare brows, choose a color that compliments the skin tone.

Skin Types:

For Caucasian skin, all colors are great.

For Hispanic skin, stay with warm or neutral palettes.

For Black skin, use 2-3 shades lighter and stay in the warm or neutral palettes.

For Asian skin, stay with cool or neutral palettes.



Steel blue/ gray eyes:Earth with a little Pearl, 50/50 mix of Blue Lagoon & Tempting Teal

Blue eyes:Earth, Expresso, Pecan Pie

Olive green eyes:Irish Moss, German Chocolate

Gray/golden brown eyes:Jade Granite, Earth

Amber eyes:Earth, Pecan Pie, Brown Sugar

Honey brown eyes:Earth, Pecan Pie, Brown Sugar

Dark brown eyes:Earth, Pecan Pie, Irish Moss


Steel blue/ gray eyes:Charcoal, Blue Lagoon, Chocolate Eclair, Mahogany, Black Orchid

Blue eyes:Charcoal, Chocolate Eclair, Mahogany, Cafe’ Ole’, Black Orchid

Green/light brown gold eyes:Mahogany, German Chocolate

Gray/golden brown eyes:Jade Granite, Earth

Amber eyes:German Chocolate, Cafe’ Ole’, Mahogany

Honey brown eyes:German Chocolate, Chocolate Eclair, Cafe’ Ole’

Dark brown eyes:Mahogany, Black Orchid, German Chocolate, Chocolate Eclair, Cafe’ Ole’

Black skin:Black Orchid

Hispanic skin:Cafe’ Ole, Mahogany

Asian skin:Cafe’ Ole’, Mahogany, Black Orchid


All lip colors may be blended with one another if desired. All lips colors have already been neurtalized with orange, except Jamaican Rum. The SofTap® lip colors are divided into 4 groups: mauve/pink, orange/pink, brown/pink , and red/pink. All lips have a blue undertone. Some ethnic lips also have a lot of brown. When choosing a lip color, smear the color on and rub it into the lip. This will give you a better idea about how the undertones will affect the final result of the color. It takes 2-4 applications to achieve the desired results on lips. Poor technique and damaged tissue, such as from smoking, may result in color not holding.


The Imposter tm Collection is a classic collection of 6 lip colors that will match anyone’s own lip color. This is a very simple way to re-define or re-shape the existing lip. The results are so realistic that no one knows that it’s not your own lip. You cannot tell where your lip ends and the Imposter tm Color begins. It’s that amazing. That is why our slogan for this collection is "Only you know the difference." tm The results of this kind of procedure have a very high success rate of color holding. Beautiful color can easily be achieved in only 1-2 sessions. If you are using one of the Imposter tm Collection colors, then we advise using them as they are without blending orange into them. However, if you wish to blend them with each other, you may.


Correction Aids were created to help the permanent makeup artist who is ready for taking on the challenge of correcting someone else’s work. While you may never know what brand or color was used on a client previously, these colors will help you give a fresh look to your client. They can change an ugly color to a rich brown, sometimes in a single application. After applying a correction aid, you may put the new color on immediately during the same treatment. However, if the correction is severe, it is recommended that you wait until it heals so that you can do another application of the correction aid before applying the new color.

Lemon-Aid: This is best for the client who has multiple colors on the brows. This will help to even out and neutralize the multi-colored brow and prepare it for the new color. . Lemon-Aid can also be used to lighten up and slightly cool any color.

Lime-Aid: This is best for neutralizing red or orange tones. For a brow, start on the outside edge and work the color in toward the center. For darker reds or oranges, Irish Moss is the best neutrailzer. Lime-Aid can also be used to mix with any light to medium brown if you wish to cool it down . If you mix Lime-Aid with a dark brown, it will cool it and lighten it at the same time. If you only wish to cool a dark brown and not lighten it, then use Irish Moss or Jade Granite.

Orange-Aid:This is best for neutralizing a blue or gray color that is already implanted in the skin. You many also mix Orange-Aid with any light to medium brown or lip color in order to warm it up. If you mix Orange-Aid with a dark brown, it will warm it up and lighten it at the same time. If you only wish to warm a dark brown and not lighten it, then use Peaches’N Cream.


This collection was made for clients who really do not like red in their browns. While at first glance they appear green toned, this changes after smearing the color into the skin and you can see the true undertones of the skin. These colors can be used alone or also mixed with other SofTap® colors in order to cool then down. The difference between using the "cool collection" or Lime -Aid for cooling down colors is that Lime-Aid is more opaque and used where complete coverage is needed. The "cool collection" is more sheer, allowing for more of the natural undertones to come through. Both are used very successfully for cooling effects. Here is a quick idea about which clients are best for the cool colors:

Earl Grey: for white, grey, or grey/blonde blends

Champagne: for light ash blondes

Mink: for medium ash blondes

Brown Sugar: for dark ash blondes or light ash brunettes

Pecan Pie: for medium ash brunettes

Chocolate Eclair: for dark ash brunettes


To lighten any blondes:use Lemon Aid.

To correct old blue eyeliner:use Royal Fudge.

To lighten any color by 3 shades:use Salmon. Eg: to change black brows to blonde, use Salmon on black brows, let heal, then use a blonde over it.

To correct old blue or gray brows:use Copper, Cocoa, or Royal Fudge.

To turn gray brows taupe:use Amber.

To lighten any browns even already healed in skin:use Tahitian Tan.

To lighten and cool down blondes: add Golden Sunrise.

To make a gray:mix Earth with a little Pearl.

To make a gold/gray:mix Platinum + a little Earth. Lighten with Golden Sunrise.

To cool down neutral and warm palette browns: mix 50/50 with any cool palette color (silver tube). See our complete mixing guideline online.


To make a cool taupe:mix 50/50 Platinum with Amber plus a little Earth

To make a med/dark blue:mix 50/50 Tempting Teal and Blue Lagoon

To make a medium green/gray:mix 50/50 Tempting Teal and Jade Granite

To make a medium green/brown:50/50 Tempting Teal and Irish Moss

To make an eggplant tone: 50/50 Tempting Teal and Valentine plus a little Royal Fudge

To make a baby blue: mix Blue Lagoon with a little Pearl.

To make a light ash brown: mix 50/50 Café Vienna and Amber + a little Charcoal.

To make a medium ash brown: mix 50/50 Amber and Earth plus a little Irish Moss.

To make a smokey green: mix 50/50 Black Orchid and Jade Granite.

To make a blue gray:mix Black Orchid with a little Pearl and Blue Lagoon


To make a wine or burgundy color:mix Valentine with a dot of Blue Lagoon

To correct strong blue undertones in the lip:add Mango Obsession to any lip color

To lighten any lip color:add Seashell

To brown any lip tone:add Caramel or Bordeaux (don’t add more than 25%)


Equal parts Secret Passion, Cupid’s Kiss, and Victorian Rose

50/50 blend of Blushed Petals and Valentine

50/50 blend of Mango Obsession and Tickle Me Pink

50/50 blend of Cotton Candy and Tickle Me Pink

50/50 blend of Pastel Rose and Blushed Petals

Equal parts Valentine, Blushed Petals, and Mango Obsession

50/50 blend of Sweet 16 and Victorian Rose

50/50 blend of Innocence and Jamaican Rum

Use Valentine or Tickle Me Pink + 50 % your original SofTap® lip color on the touchup if the client says she liked how the lip color looked when she left your office. For eg. if you used Sweet 16 on the 1st application , use 50/50 Sweet 16 and Tickle Me Pink for the touchup.

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