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Beginning Classes

Comprehensive Introductory Permanent Makeup Training Class

Advanced Classes

Skin Needling and Areola Repigmentation
Techniques for Lip, Eyeliner & Brows
Corrective Pigment Camouflage and Repigmentation

Private Consultation

1 hour phone consult with IIPC Instructor
1 hour phone consult with Susan Church

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is the most trusted provider of Permanent Cosmetics Education and offers the widest selection of Permanent Make Up Supplies in the Industry.

From Beginning Technicians to the most Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Artists, we are the #1 source for all of your permanent makeup needs. Together,
Permanent Makeup and IIPC provide industry-leading service and the best prices on
cutting edge supplies from the most trusted brands in Permanent Cosmetics. Try us today, and see what the buzz is all about!

Permanent Make Up Products is a proactive, forward-thinking company that offers permanent makeup classes and supplies to individuals who have a medical or beauty license. With unmatched customer service and quality products, our online store acts as a one stop shop for beauty gurus everywhere. Our team of experienced technicians and knowledgeable sales representatives offer guidance and help every step of the way.

We attend major trade shows, workshops, and seminars to bring new technologies and techniques to market. It is our mission to improve the industry and maintain our position as a world leader for supplies and education. Whether you need ombre or microblading supplies, we offer a wide variety of products to help you achieve any beauty trend. 

Permanent Make Up Products manufacturers its anesthesia’s and pigments in a state of the art FDA approved laboratory. Our products are made of the purest high quality materials available. Production and packaging are handled with extreme care and thoughtful techniques. Our products are accepted in over 35 countries on 6 continents making PMUP one of the premiere brands available today. was born from the International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics or IIPC Schools. is made up of pioneers of the industry and headed by Susan Church. We are proud to be affiliated with them and rely on their extensive knowledge to be the best we can. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services and products, such as our wide variety of permanent makeup pigments, we encourage you to view our site. Contact us today at 800.984.4331 with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our company. 


About IIPC Schools And Founder Susan Church

IIPC is a nationally recognized educational organization, specializing in the education and training of Permanent Cosmetics Technicians. We teach the procedures, applications and care encompassed by the Permanent Cosmetics Industry. IIPC is arguably the most prestigious and successful Permanent Cosmetics Institute in the world, and has been setting and exceeding industry standards since its inception.

The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics has educated thousands of beauty industry physicians, nurses, medical personnel and technicians on all aspects of Permanent Cosmetics and Permanent Makeup application. IIPC continually updates its course content, most recently adding courses in Skin Needling and Scar Relaxation, Areola Repigmentation and Corrective Pigment Camouflage - all of which are innovative, medically-influenced procedures developed to help people with skin irregularities.

IIPC boasts an impressive record of driven students, successful graduates, skilled technicians and top-tier instructors. Some of the most well-known and profitable Permanent Cosmetics Technicians have been educated at IIPC, and many of them have even returned to teach at our institution.

IIPC's founder, Ms. Susan Church, is a world-renown artist, educator, lecturer, and successful practitioner in the fields of Microdermal Pigmentation, Cosmetic, Microblading and Paramedical Tattooing. She is the ultimate pioneer in Permanent Cosmetics, and continues to develop and educate on innovative products, techniques and business practices for the industry she loves.

Susan Church is a Co-Founder, past president and former board member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). As a result of her success as founder of IIPC, she was chosen as the SPCP's Education Advisor for 2004 - 2005.

Susan Church is the only Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Technician in the state of California to have been appointed to the task force of the California Conference of Local Health Officers. Ms. Church was chosen to represent all of California's Permanent Cosmetics industry, and in 1999 was honored with the organization's Distinguished Service Award for Industry-Supportive Work.

IIPC provides a comprehensive selection of Permanent Cosmetics products, manufactured in FDA-approved Labs right here in the United States. Our cutting-edge machines, equipment and supplies are sought out by those who strive for success in Permanent Cosmetics.

By continuously establishing and exceeding the standards held by the Permanent Makeup Industry, IIPC and Susan Church remain the authorities in Permanent Cosmetic Education and Products. Join us, and see what the buzz is all about!