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The International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics is the most trusted provider of Permanent Cosmetics Education and offers the widest selection of Permanent Make Up Supplies in the Industry.

From Beginning Technicians to the most Advanced Permanent Cosmetic Artists, we are the #1 source for all of your permanent makeup needs. Together,
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Hyapen Genius Needle-Free Dermal Filler Injection System Features

This advanced micro-injection pen has no needle, so is non invasive, it’s using pressure technology. It uses 6.5 bar of pressure, in nanoscale small molecules 220 nano meters per second. This s the speed of intense air flow which carries droplets of product to the area you are treating with the products you are treating with. It does this without pain. Micro droplets delivered directly through the skin.  Transfer hyaluronic acid / dermal filler to skin dermal layer comfortably without pain.
(Nanometre = A Unit of length – Units of measure. Nanometer (nm), an SI unit of length, equal to 10−9 m (a thousand-millionth of a meter)


The nanometre or nanometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth of a metre
Inject with intense air pressure and dermal filler / meso into the deep dermis.
As there are no needles it does not cause peripheral nerve injury and does not hurt.

The recommended injection technique is the micro-puncture technique, in which very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, VC or other skin boosters are injected into the deep dermis, about 1-2 cm apart. Once injected, the HA gel flows smoothly and spreads evenly into the skin. This non-invasive non-needle injector provides excellent volume application over large surface areas of the skin to achieve the best results

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HyaPen Training
Your Price: $2895.Call 1.800.282.0577. For Enrollment
HyaPen Training
HyaPen Genius Training
tax free
HyaPen Genious
Your Price: $1,750.00
HyaPen Genious
HyaPen Genius is a state of the art, highly engineered device, which safely and accurately volumises the lip. No needles, no pain, no downtime. Affordable, effective, instant & safe.
HyaPen Cartridges
Retail Price: $2.50
Your Price: $1.89
You Save: $0.61
HyaPen Cartridges
HyaPen Genius Cartridges 0.3ml
Hyafilia Classic 1ml.
Your Price: $60.00
Hyafilia Classic 1ml.
"Lip Filler" Hyafilia Classic 1ml. HyaFilia is tissue reconstructive material that is intended to be used for facial tissue augmentation.
Hyaluron Pen
Retail Price: $599.00
Your Price: $500.00
You Save: $99.00
Hyaluron Pen
Hyaluron Pen with 3 adjustable power settings. Uses 0.5ml ampules.
Hyafilia Grand 1ml.
Your Price: $60.00
Hyafilia Grand 1ml.
"Lip Filler" Hyafilia Grand 1ml. HyaFilia is tissue reconstructive material that is intended to be used for facial tissue augmentation.